Welcome Long Island Firearms
Members, Family, and Friends

Encouraged by the "members helping members" mantra here are three main ways I feel I can help the LIF community:
  • Visit me for a consultation or dental treatment.
    • We'll sit down and discuss all your options.
  • LIF Promotions
    • With or without dental insurance, LIF will get you added bonuses
  • Contact me regarding questions or concerns about your dental needs.
    • Sometimes the biggest fear of an impending dental visit is the unknown.

I've been a member of Long Island Firearms Forums since 2011 (different screenname) and have had the opportunity to meet several members since then.  I've bumped into some of you at local trap, skeet, and rifle ranges and even at a few of the LIPSA competitions.  I was also at one of the last Appleseeds before they took their hiatus (still hoping it will return one day).

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